Don Juan Tours Monteverde

A unique experience between culture and tradition

Don Juan Tours Monteverde is a family business that through its tours teach visitors the whole process behind two very important products worldwide, Coffee and Chocolate.

Our experience: Don Juan – Coffee and Chocolate Tour, will take you to know the entire Coffee process, from the seed to the delicious cup of coffee.

Once the coffee tour is finished, we will start with the sweetest part of the tour, the delicious chocolate. Like coffee, we will talk about the entire Chocolate process, from the seed to the delicious chocolate bar and we will end up selecting some members of the group to grind the cacao beans and make their own chocolate bar. Once finished you will have the opportunity to taste several types of chocolate such as Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate.

One of our main features is the infrastructure we have, since the Monteverde Area is well known for having a very changing climate, it goes from being very sunny and humid to heavy rains, even with a electric storms on some occasions, that is why that 100% of our trails are protected and made of cement, which will allow to enjoy the tour on sunny or rainy days. Families with children who need to take their stroller or people with some physical limitation will not have trouble walking with a walker, crutches or wheelchair.

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